Medium black smooth-hair Dachshund - Andrew Edwin (4/21/12 - 5 yrs old)
Medium black short-hair Dachshund - Stella Gail (2/15/15 - 2 yrs old)

* Large smooth-hair Dachshund - Elmo Travis (7/10/97 - 3/23/07)
** Medium red smooth-hair Dachshund - Judy Jean (6/10/98 - 10/13/14) 
*** Tri-Color Basset Hound - Benjamin Edward (3/17/07 - 5/10/17)) 
**** Small red long-hair Dachshund - Esther Louise Judy Jean (11/7/02 - 1/15/19, one of Judy's 5 puppies) 

Esther's baby here
Andrew's baby here

*  Elmo passed away on 3/23/07...he had been on daily medication for epilepsy since he was 1 year old. Caring for a sick dog for 8 years creates a special bond, and he will be sorely missed. Rest in peace Big Mo.
** Judy joined Elmo on 10/13/14...she had developed cancer and her quality of life was deteriorating. We made the decision to let her go with dignity. Judy was a lady, but she also was alpha dog.....a sweet warrior.
*** Benjamin Benjamin joined his adopted mom Judy on 5/10/17...he had not felt good for several months and we discovered a large lump in his abdomen, an enlarged heart, and lung problems. Sleep well and pain-free Gentle Ben.
**** Esther Esther was reunited with her mother on 1/15/19...she had developed a cancerous lump on her leg and passed away peacefully. She was a sweet sweet girl.